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The Imagination Players are a group of 85+ talented area children and teens (ages 7 to 18 years of age) who use song and dance to entertain families in the Delaware area. A portion of all proceeds generated by The Imagination Players will benefit local, national and international charities, especially those which benefit children and families.


We are a community service based performance group formed under the umbrella of Pure Imagination, LLC and founded by Pure Imagination's founder/owner, Debbra A. Johnson, who also serves as the organization's artistic director.


The group was formed primarily to serve Delaware families & children by:


1) performing age-appropriate numbers which are entertaining and offer positive messages pertaining to today's youth issues,

2) assisting Delaware youth by raising funds and awareness for area children's charities,

3) to provide a quality performance outlet for talented Delaware-area children -- a forum where they can not only perform and share their talents on a regular basis but to hopefully instill a love of community service and volunteerism at the same time, and

4) teach our young members about the importance of "getting involved". All members of our group are required to participate in various "hands-on" community service project each year and are encouraged to research and present possible projects/charities to the group.




Our goals? To utilize our talents to better our community and our world. To help instill leadership skills in our members and to promote brotherhood and tolerance within our group and beyond. The youth who perform in The Imagination Players not only contribute to various charities via their talents and performances, but are also required to learn who & what each charity benefits. Any youth member of our organization is also encouraged to recommend a children's charity to receive a portion of The Imagination Players' proceeds.


​Currently, all positions within The Imagination Players are volunteer. Proceeds, if any, from appearances will pay for various expenses (sheet music, performance/accompaniment CDs, bus transportation, costumes, props, etc.) and any remaining amount will be donated to charitable organizations. At this time, there are no paid staff members. All work involved with The Imagination Players, both by the youth performance troupe as well as the adult artistic team is on a volunteer basis.


Youth members of the ensemble pay a membership fee of $100 when they are accepted into the group which pays for their t-shirt, and helps offset the cost of sheet music, rehearsal space rental, rehearsal CDs, costume accessories, insurance, transportation, and other miscellaneous supplies. The membership fee is discounted for families with more than one child in the group.  At the beginning of each year, a "re-com" fee (renewed commitment) of $50 per member is charged.  Again, this fee is discounted for families with more than one child in the group.

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